Rental terms and conditions

By booking our holiday home, you agree to our rental terms and conditions. Please read them before booking.
The tenant can by no means claim the application of his own general terms and conditions, whatever they may be. If the tenant wishes to derogate from the terms and conditions of ‘t Flockhof, he must request this expressly and prior at the time of booking. Nevertheless, in this case our terms and conditions still apply in a complementary manner.

Book and pay

You can book by phone or over the internet. These ways of booking are binding. By registering a booking order by phone or over the internet, the general booking terms and conditions apply. The client is severally liable for the fulfilment of the different steps of the booking and for the rental terms and conditions.
No booking fees apply.
Each booking order will be confirmed by ‘t Flockhof through a booking confirmation by email.
Within 5 days after receiving the booking confirmation, an initial deposit/advance of 30% of the total amount is to be paid to ‘t Flockhof on the account number BE 07 0689 0527 5866
The total amount includes the rent, energy costs and guarantee. The tourist tax is not included in this amount.
The remaining of the total amount is to be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period.
If the booking was made less than 6 weeks before the start of the stay, the total amount must be paid in one payment
In case of late payment, ‘t Flockhof has the right to cancel the booked holiday home.

Reflection period and cancellation by the tenant

You can undo your booking within 5 days from the booking date by phone or by an email. Upon receipt of the cancellation, ’t Flockhof will send you a confirmation email.
If you cancel after these 5 days the following cancellation terms and conditions apply without prejudice:
In case of cancellation up to the 42th day (6 weeks) before your stay the cancellation fee equals 30% of the rent.
In case of cancellation between the 42th day (6 weeks) and the 28th day (4 weeks) before your stay the cancellation fee equals 60% of the rent.
In case of cancellation between the 28th day (4 weeks) and the 3rd day before the start of your stay, the cancellation fee equals 90% of the rent.
In case of cancellation on the 2nd day before the beginning of your stay or later, the fee equals 100% of the rent.

Cancellation insurance

Cancellations which are eligible for possible cancellation insurance are treated in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions of the insurance company concerned.

Cancellation by ‘t Flockhof

If any circumstance requires from ‘t Flockhof to make a cancellation of the already rented holiday home, this shall be notified immediately to the tenant and, if possible, an alternative will be presented. If the tenant refuses this alternative, or if ‘t Flockhof is not able to provide an alternative, ‘t Flockhof will immediately refund the amount already paid by the tenant. The tenant does not have any more or other right than the recovery of this amount.

Liability of the tenant

We ask you to treat the holiday home, the garden and the animals present respectfully.
The rented holiday home is to be occupied by the tenant, his co-tenants or his visitors with the requisite care and diligences, taking into account the peace of the surroundings.
The main tenant is responsible for all the damage caused by himself and by his co-tenants as well as by any visitors, even if this damage is observed after his departure. If damage is observed after the departure of the main tenant, he will have to accept the decision of the owner.
House rules present and / or provided at the holiday home are inextricably part of the rental agreement and, therefore, must be strictly adhered to.
The tenant must ensure that he does not cause noise nuisance to local residents. In Belgium, a law is applicable that bans outdoor noise after 22:00h. In this case, the tenants will have to leave the holiday home – without prior warning and without entitlement to reimbursement of the rent.

Furniture such as beds, sofas and cabinets may not be moved so as to not damage walls or other furniture.
It is not allowed to make fire in the garden.
It is also not allowed to use the holiday home to organize parties and / or drinking binges.
The holiday home is non-smoking and equipped with smoke detectors. You can smoke on the terrace or in the smoking corner in the garden. In both places there are ashtrays.
With the exception of guide dogs, service dogs or assistance dogs, it is not permitted to the tenant and his visitors to bring pets to the holiday home.
The tenant may not to sublet the holiday home to others.

Liability insurance

The tenant is required to be insured for damage to third parties, such as civil liability insurance (the so-called family insurance).
The home has its own fire insurance in the name of the owner. However, the tenant is advised to inform his insurance agent that he is staying in a holiday home. Should a fire be caused by the tenant, he can be held responsible by the insurance company. This liability is covered by almost all liability insurances for individuals or by his own fire insurance.

Liability of owner and ‘t Flockhof

Nor the owner nor ‘t Flockhof can be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to the tenants of ‘t Flockhof.
Obvious mistakes or errors in the description or in the prices of the accommodations offered by ‘t Flockhof do not bind ‘t Flockhof. ‘t Flockhof cannot accept any liability for interim changes in information, pricing or printing errors.
(Price) information listed on the site is leading.
Nor ‘t Flockhof nor the owner can be held liable for damage caused by natural violence, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violence and the coming into contact with an aeroplane or parts thereof.
‘t Flockhof is not liable for services or events which for whatever reason were not accessible during your vacation. The use of all facilities (wood burner, barbecue…) is at your own risk. Said facilities may fail due to unforeseen circumstances or may temporarily not be available. You cannot claim any refund for this at ‘t Flockhof.
It may happen that ‘works’ are ongoing in the surroundings of your holiday home. We think for example of road works or construction (agricultural) activities. We cannot accept responsibility for any noise nuisance. We cannot shut down such work activities.
The owner of ‘t Flockhof is not always present on site. In the booking confirmation email you will receive the phone number of the owner. If necessary, you can contact this number.
The booking agreement and subsequent agreements are governed by Belgian law. Disputes that cannot be resolved mutually will be settled by the competent court.

Maximum number of people

‘t Flockhof accommodates up to 8 people. This number cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. By exceeding it, the rental agreement is legally considered as dissolved and the access to the holiday home is refused without entitlement to a refund of rent.
When exceeding the maximum number of people, you’re no longer compliant with the regulations on fire safety and fire insurance.
If at a later time, unbeknownst to the owner, however additional people come to stay in the holiday home, a claim will follow immediately of 25% of the full rent for each additional person. This amount will be deducted from the guarantee.

Final cleaning and end of your stay

Please do close all windows and doors at your departure.
The holiday home is to be left neat and tidy (broomed clean), even though the final cleaning (150 euros) is not included in the price. This means: putting everything back in place, emptying bins and sorting waste, cleaning up the work surfaces and putting clean dishes back into the cabinet.
If the home and / or garden is in such a state that we do not have enough with the planned cleaning hours, then the owner has the right to charge extra cleaning hours and this at 25 euros / hour.

Bed sheets and towels

The use of towels and bed sheets is included in the price.
The beds are made up on arrival and plenty of towels are provided per person.
Bed sheets and towels remain the property of ‘t Flockhof and may not be taken away in any case. Missing towels, mattress protectors, sheets, pillows and / or pillowcases will be deducted from the guarantee.

Arrival and departure

Please respect the arrival and departure times. It is important to us to offer a clean holiday home. Therefore, there must be sufficient time for a thorough cleaning between the departure of the previous guests and the arrival of new guests.
Arrival time: the holiday home is available from 10 am on the day of arrival.
In case of a weekend stay, the holiday home should be left on Sunday before 5 pm. In case of a stay for a long weekend, this should be done on Monday before 10 am. In case of a midweek stay or a week’s stay, this should be done on Friday before 10 am


In order to offer you a comfortable stay, the home is furnished with high quality materials. The guarantee is 250 euros and must be paid with the final balance. This amount serves to compensate any damage.
Complaints regarding the inventory and existing damage will be accepted until 4 hours after your arrival. This should be reported to the owner or his representative on site.
The inspection of the holiday home is done in your presence, when the key is delivered.
If the home was left in good order and no damage was found after the final cleaning, then your guarantee will be refunded within two weeks after departure via bank transfer. If the damage exceeds the amount of the guarantee, the tenant is required to make an additional payment.


To avoid misunderstandings and discussions afterwards it is appropriate

  • to report any damage already present on arrival
  • to report any damage caused by yourself on departure

Drawn up in Zerkegem on January 31, 2017

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